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Jordan is an internationally recognized dancer and choreographer with an authentically unique style which fuses her urban, technical and theatrical background. Her specialties include Hip Hop and Urban Street styles, Contemporary, Modern, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Tap.

Jordan can be seen in music videos, commercials, films, on television and at a number of live performances. She has working credits in ten different countries with companies including Reebok, Youtube, Disney, American Idol, Fox, NBC, Heineken, Universal and more. She has been in music videos for Zhu, Autograf, Cody Simpson, Namie Amuro, Bassnectar, Claude VonStroke and Bruno Furlan, Beats Antique, Lafa Taylor and Nash Overstreet. Jordan has appeared on Parks and Recreation, The Disney Channel's So Random, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, Fox Atomic’s The Comebacks, TruTV's Fake Off and The Dance Network's Steady Mobbin’. Her dancing can be seen in commercials for California Almonds, HTV Network, and Del Mar. She worked with Michelle Obama on her “Let’s Move Burbank” Campaign, The Giffoni Film Festival, The Pro Bowl, The Orange County Film Festival, KROQ Radio, Coachella Music Festival, The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, The American Cancer Society, Bettis Richardson on his international tour and popular rock band Lifehouse. Jordan was one of the original members of Unity Dance Ensemble, directed by Emmy Award - winning dance choreographer Tessandra Chavez, as well as nonprofit social awareness advocacy company MuseEffect. She has collaborated with distinguished circus troupes The Lucent Dossier Experience, Zen Arts, Cirque Berzerk, and others, with whom she continues to perform internationally.

Jordan is a versatile movement artist who continues to train as she remains immersed in both the commercial dance industry and underground scene.  







Hip Hop | Urban | street & CLUB styles

Jordan trains in Hip Hop and other Urban, Funk, Street and Club dance styles including House, Waacking, Voguing, Popping, Locking, Tutting and Breakdancing with teachers such as Kid Boogie, Cris Judd, Kevin Maher, Dave Scott, Ivan Koumaev, Misha Gabriel, Tony Testa and more. She has worked alongside Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo, Tessandra Chavez, Miguel Zarate, Barry Youngblood, Matt Cady, Ricky Lam, G Madison, Darrien Henning, Janelle Ginestra, Shockwave, Ambrose Respicio, Natalie Gilmore and Robin Antin. Jordan continues to study and integrate these styles into her choreography, teaching and performance.


Jordan’s Modern dance foundation began with the the Graham style of technique. She studied contemporary with Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, Mark Meismer, Karen Chuang and Scott Hislop and has worked alongside Dee Caspary, Tessandra Chavez, Matt Cady, Megan Lawson and Sabrina Phillip. Jordan continues to train in these styles and incorporates them into her choreography, teaching and performance.


Jordan’s technical foundation began with classical ballet. She has also studied Romantic, Cecchetti, Neoclassical and Contemporary styles with teachers including Judy Rice, Stefan Wenta and members of the Moscow Ballet. Jordan continues to practice fundamental ballet technique, as well as study more modern applications to help her continuously excel and evolve as a choreographer, teacher and performer.


Jordan has studied and worked alongside Tyce Diorio, Dee Caspary and Nicholas Palmquist. She combines her technical training with character acting experience to create movement that is both meaningful and memorable, which can be seen throughout her choreography, teaching and performance.    


Jordan has trained with Brian Friedman, Liz Imperio, Malaya, Terri Best, Chistina Woodard and Scott Hislop. She’s worked alongside Eddie Garcia, Ricky Lam, Sheila Barker, Dominique Kelley, Sabrina Phillip and Chelsea Michener. Jordan continues her jazz education and follows its evolution in the industry. She integrates her training into her work as a choreographer, teacher and performer.


Jordan has trained with Gregory Hines, Savion Glover and Jason Janas. She combines much of her tap knowledge with other styles to improve footwork, speed and movement clarity, all of which are reflected in her choreography, teaching and performance work.

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