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Dancer ~ Choreographer ~ Model ~ Actor ~ Performer


Jordan Wentz is a multidisciplinary artist praised for her unique authenticity and sought after for the passion, heart and playfulness she brings to everything she does. She is an accomplished director, actor, model, choreographer, performer, dancer, mentor and entrepreneur.


Jordan has working credits in ten different countries with companies including Reebok, Youtube, Disney, American Idol, Fox, NBC, Heineken, and Universal, and has choreographed, taught and performed around the world. She can be seen in music videos, commercials, films, publications, online, on television and at a number of live events.  

Jordan is a visionary creator dedicated to making art that will positively change the world, as well as a mentor committed to enriching as many lives as possible. To fulfill this mission, she founded MyMovementality - the movement and lifestyle brand committed to the health, wellness and movement for life fulfillment, longevity, happiness, and total badassery. 


China - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen

South Korea - Seoul

United States - New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Phoenix, Kansas City, St. Louis, Grand Rapids

Japan - Tokyo

Canada - Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Prince Rupert

Costa Rica - San José, Puntarenas

Bahamas - Nassau/Paradise Island

Guatemala - Guatemala City

Antigua - Saint John's

Jamaica - Negril

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